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As we approach the Paschal Season, and our Annual Vestry Meeting, this is an appropriate time to reflect on the ongoing funding needs of St. Mark’s Tower Restoration Project.

As such, we are very pleased to report that an anonymous donor has come forward and offered to match all donations to the Tower Restoration Fund, dollar-for-dollar, up to a limit of $25,000!

We are incredibly grateful for this donor’s amazing generosity, and in light of this offer, the Tower Restoration Committee has established a goal to raise at least $50,000, through donations, during the period Sunday, February 18 (First Sunday in Lent) and Sunday, April 7 (first Sunday after Easter).  This goal would include raising at least $25,000 in donations from members and friends of St. Mark’s, plus the $25,000 matching donation.

What a wonderful opportunity to see your donation to the Tower Restoration Fund being doubled! And of course, you would also receive a 2024 Tax Receipt at year-end.

In addition to the above, the Wardens and the Tower Restoration Committee have also already submitted one major grant application for 2024 and are currently working on a second grant application.

If sufficient funding can be obtained, through donations, fundraising, and grants, the intent is to resume work on the tower restoration this coming summer.