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Our Diocesan Cathedral, St. Georges, has an outreach program entitled “Lunch By George.” Weekly they offer a hot meal to those who are in need. 

In February 2020 they served 542 meals.  In February 2021 they served 1022. Pandemic living is hard for all of us, but the poor and the marginalized are really hit hard. Along with a hot meal volunteers at Lunch By George hand out foods and goods that are easily accessible. 

We have an opportunity to help.   

LBG would be very grateful for Tinned veggies, Tomato sauce, Kidney beans, Tinned tomatoes, Fruit cups, Granola Bars, Potatoes, Cookies or cake snacks. They could also use men’s sweat pants -new or used and Men’s underwear and socks -new of course!  If you can help please bring your donation to Church or drop off in the Hall during Church office hours.