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Global hunger is surging.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the resulting disruption of food, fuel, and fertilizer markets has exacerbated an existing food crisis caused by conflict, climate, COVID-19, and economic pressures.

As food prices are rising here in Canada, prices are soaring even higher around the world, sometimes doubling in communities where the pains of hunger are already familiar.  The worst famine in decades is looming.  More than 50 million people are facing starvation. The needs are enormous, but we can all do something.

The Humanitarian Coalition consists of 12 Canadian charities that are collaborating to respond to humanitarian disasters, and are fighting hunger together.  One of these charities is the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (which includes PWRDF as one of its members).

The Canadian Government has announced that it will match donations to the Humanitarian Coalition and its member charities up to $5 million, before July 17.

Please give today and keep the millions of people living through this hunger crisis in your prayers.